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You Have a Business, But Are You In Business?

I thought somebody with half a piece of business said something...
Have you created a budget? Do you know your monthly expenses? Have you built your vendor list? Do you own your domain? Are you still using @gmail.com? Have you thought of ways to generate "pillow money"?


Bring your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

In this 4-part workshop bundle you will learn in the inner workings of Canva and start creating templates to use to keep you organized, scroll stopping social media content, and digital products you can sell. 

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Testimonials & Reviews

I really enjoyed the class. I am so glad that I was apart of the class. I really did learn more about Canva. I will definitely be playing around more with Canva. I appreciate you Queen.

Nicole R.

My session with Kris was excellent...she helped me focus my energy on the one that would give me the greatest ROI to hit my goals this month. I left my session with new ideas and deep insight on how to move forward .... She even helped me create an action plan to hit my goals for this month. After putting one of her strategies in play... I received several new clients . I highly recommend booking a session with Coach Kris.

Pep H.

Kris the “Purpose Pusher”!..OMG! Where do I start? ..Ok,Let’s begin with Amazing! Simply put! Amazing! God sent,literally! When I tell you she is more then a Business Coach! She is more then a Coach! She is a prayer warrior who goes above and beyond to push you to see things..to think of things that you never thought of! She allows you to be ok with your doubting moments, because she knows,she sees the Greatness that truly lies within you and that by end of the session you will too!

Tonya C.